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  • Executive Advisor professional with over 20 years of experience in Business development and growth while increasing market share in 42 States and Canada.  

  • Providing leadership through the discovery process of a company’s challenging times, understanding and developing a strategic corrective action plan to follow.

  • Advising an organization in the expansion of products and services for Sustainable Growth

  • As an Advisor I understand the importance of creating valuable partnerships working with all levels of an organization, including stakeholders, customers, team members, and vendors.

  • Having the ability to listen, learn, study and develop a detailed plan of action to improve current profitability or to increase revenue for sustainable growth



  • As a professional coach the importance is to provide guidance and direction that will drive results for improvement

  • A coach is one that understands and has the ability to communicate the three core components of a Business.  Sales and Marketing, Operations Accountability and Financial Responsibility 

  • A professional Coach serves as a mentor providing detailed and personal training sessions tailored for your organization



  • A professional Trainer follows a Strategic Business Plan developed for the organization and trains individuals and teams on the implementations steps

  • The Trainer is responsible for training of all aspects of the Business Plan.  

  • Development and training on the Sales and Marketing Plan that brings additional business in.  

  • Training Operational processes and procedures that deliver product and services the most efficient way 

  • Training Financial Responsibility of tracking and measuring Key Performance Indicators  to improve result

  • The main objective of the trainer is to ensure all co-workers are trained on the business plan and can execute the plan, ultimately advancing their careers

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